Interactive Course Tour

Interactive Course Tour

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The Trail
Par 4
This downhill and slight dogleg-left hole is intended to offer a wide choice of club selection off the tee. The landing area is framed with mature oaks, dictating that placement of the tee shot is more important than length.


Land Run
Par 5
This downhill, long par 5 provides a generous first landing area. Second shots will require a forced carry over Stagestand Creek to a landing area framed by a fairway bunker on the right and a lake on the left. Most players should elect to play this hole conservatively where a par or a one-putt birdie will prepare them to challenge the rest of the course.


Frontier Hill
Par 4
A medium length par 4, the left fairway bunker is located to challenge the positioning of tee shots. Preferred placement to set up the approach shot to the green is from the right portion of the landing area, but players veering too far right of the fairway bunker may find the right rough.


Plum Thicket
Par 3
This downhill long par 3 initiates from terraced, island tees surrounded by native grass. Views abound, but do not lose focus as water on the left and a large sand bunker on the right frame the green.


Rosa's Ravine
Par 4
This short, sharp dogleg-left hole will be best played using a fairway metal or long-iron to a landing area positioned in front of a natural ravine vegetated with native grass. This same ravine extends to guard the left side of the green. A subtle bail out area has been provided short and right of the green.


Bottom Land
Par 4
This hole initiates from a tree-lined chute with Stagestand Creek positioned as the right boundary and sand bunkers guarding the left side of the landing area. With the hole turning sharply to the right, approach shots to the green will be rewarded if tee shots are positioned more toward the fairway bunkers.


Prospector's Ridge
Par 5
Designed as a "risk vs. reward" hole, players can choose to play this as a safe, three-shot hole by playing left of the center positioned fairway bunker. Golfers seeking a greater challenge can attempt to play right of the fairway bunker to a modest but fair landing area. If successful, players will then be given the opportunity to reach The Territory's most unique green setting with a long iron. Danger exists with the green having been sensitively positioned on a natural stone ledge.


Watering Hole
Par 3
A picturesque downhill hole begins from multiple tees constructed adjacent to and on top of a natural stone ridge. Native grass surrounds the tee complex leading to the largest green on the course, that measures nearly 10,000 square feet. The green is guarded on the left by water and mature pecan trees. Approach shots finding the green may be easier than long roller-coaster putts encountered by golfers aiming away from the water.


Claim Stake
Par 4
The tournament tee has been situated on a natural plateau offering a tremendous view of this power hole. A wide landing area has been provided and emphasizes the need for length on this front-side closing hole. A sand bunker on the right and grass collection areas on the left guard the uphill green.


Scout's Landing
Par 4
This slight dogleg-left hole provides a picturesque setting adjacent to the clubhouse and practice facilities. Proper club selection for tee shots can make this a relatively easy hole. For players choosing to hit drivers, fairway bunkers positioned both left and right of the landing area provide obstacles to par.


Oil Boom
Par 5
This double-dogleg hole plays downhill to the landing area and uphill to the green. Oriented to the east, this hole has been designed to be influenced by crosswinds. A mature oak located right of the first landing area and one left of the second landing area will influence ball positioning. The smallest green on the course is well framed by grassy swales and collection depressions.


Western Vista
Par 4
This downhill and relatively straight hole initiates from elevated tees offering far distant views. The fairway features unique shaping intended to present a different lie to golfers each round. The green is flanked by sand bunkers and reinforced by water in front and to the right.


Buffalo Waller
Par 3
This downhill, downwind par 3 requires a mid-iron shot over water to a generous green protected in front by two sand bunkers. A short right bail out area has been provided. A natural rock outcropping behind the green enhances framing of this hole. Positioning of the forward tee minimizes risk of the water.


Hunter's Valley
Par 4
This hole is oriented to play downwind during the prime playing season and is intended to require a solid drive combined with a long to mid-iron to reach the green. Multiple tees have been constructed to provide for changing wind directions.


Trail Ride
Par 5
This hole features a "cross" bunker that requires a forced carry of 235 yards from the back tee. Challenging the bunker positions a player to attempt reaching the green in two shots. Adequate fairway has been provided for a safe route around the bunker for those opting for a more conservative strategy. Stagestand Creek borders the left side of the fairway on the approach shot and surrounds the green, creating a dramatic setting.


Creek's Crossin'
Par 4
This dogleg-right hole flows around an ecologically designed fishing lake waiting to collect errant shots. Position tee shots to the left center of the fairway for a slightly longer but less risky approach shot.


Fishin' Hole
Par 3
This picturesque par 3 is designed to play downwind in the spring with quartering crosswinds the remainder of the year. Two bunkers flank the green and water borders the entire right side. Forward tees have been positioned to minimize impact of the water.


End of the Trail
Par 4
The tee shot on this challenging finishing hole requires good length and thoughtful ball positioning. A fairway bunker positioned right of the landing area will serve as an aiming point for all but the longer hitters. Playing uphill and into summer winds contribute to being a demanding hole where par will be a good score.